Project Dried Oasis made on Cap Verde 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Plastic in a straight line 2015

20 m green plastic in a straight line picked on a 200 m long strip of beach on the island of Sal, Cape Verde.

All along the beaches there are garbage, mostly plastic. Everything has been washed up by the waves and comes from the sea. No one can fail to consider the fact that the oceans today conceal perhaps the world's largest garbage dump.

I decided to make a line of debris and see how many yards I could get together in a single colour on a limited distance. All other materials were kept and the beach was far from being cleaned of all debris when I had completed the line made out of green garbage.

This is how it looked like before I collected some of the rubbish

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter works 2015

I havn´t been working so much in snow before, and it turned out to be hard. Weather and temperature was changing and made it hard to work a long time on one idea. On my website you can see a work called COME CLOSER 2015. I will share two experiments with you. I was experimenting with snow and some of the structures from moss. And how they might work together as the snow and ice was melting around me....

This last image with lines made of snow on a stone, I think somehow awaken asociations of -a brain! In future, I would like to work with the brain as an icon and a sculptural form.  The material of this sculpture could change together with it´s environment and I think could become really nice, and very different from place to place. I also like how the form ans pattern kind of melt in to the environment -rather than how a sculptures usually works - as a form that stands out alone in contrast to it´s surroundings. I´d rather like to walk along the track of melting....

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Abyss at Island V 2014

Stromboli is a harsh island, far from a paradise, but yet with an attraction hard to find. So many places to see in this world, but this island made me come back once again - after 10 years. Island V is a small project, made during one day. Maybe one should not call it a project, could it be seen more  as a diary note?
The lines made by black lava stones shaping 10 V:s, on large concrete blocks, was inspired by the outer form of the island - ricing like a black suger mountain - straight up 900 m. from sea level  with a constant ongoing eruption at the very top.  If you then go for a swim,  just 100  meter out in the water,  you have the depth of 1200 m. under water. It is indeed a special place on earth. You are actually on the slope of an abyss!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NEW IDEAS - night and day projects 2015

For some time I have thought about doing projects that may be of interest to examine all hours of the day; So far, I call them Night and Day projects. The idea was born out of my love for deserts, places on earth where the night is extremely fascinating and merciful, in contrast to the extremely hard and hot day. Things need to be prepared now, as to be able to shoot night images, knowledge about acquire lamps with solar cells, site-research, contacts abroad etc. Well, a few pieces started to roll on and a step in the right direction is that my camera is able to shoot with at night (full moon).
These photos I hope can show my idea a little better. The difference with coming projects is that in the future, I´d like to use formations on site more. As well as give the project a meaning related to

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Artists’ statement – biography

As approaching a new project I always reflect on the question - how do we relate to Nature and what does Nature means to us? I use thoughts and feelings we have developed around the topic “Nature” and chose a stand point where Nature is valued in a certain way. From that standpoint I start the practical aesthetical journey.

In later years I also work with education and art in nature. I believe that human conditions for survival are depending on how we relate to the environment and I use art as a medium to evoke questions and impulses to reflect on this.


Occupation: 1990 -2014 Artist . 2001 -2014 Art Teacher. 2004 -2014 Company Gayatri vägleda/skapa .
Education: 2013 - Art teacher, University of Gothenburg2010- MA Visual Didatics. LinCS, Researcher group; University of Gothenburg. 1990- MA Applied Arts & Design, University of Gothenburg. Area of Specialization: Jewley.                                                                                                                        Solo Projects outside Sweden
2010   White Scripture on Black vertical lines, Mongolia.
2010    Large scaled Shagai, Mongolia.
2009    Challenging fear, Spain.           
2009    Icon giving birth, Spain.
2008    Intermezzo, South Korea.
2007    Messenger, Argentina.
2006     Choice no 3, Sahara/Tunisia.
2006     Myth and Architecture, Greece.
2002     Almost Perfect, Greece.
1990     Eye Zero, Norway.
1998     Frames in the Nature, Denmark.
1998-97  Ritual walks, Scandinavia
Solo Projects in Sweden
2013   Soil Spear2012  Shangri La VIII. 2011  The classroom.2006  Breathing Space.
2004 Sliding doors to the civilization .2004 Landing . 2003  Signs and Matter. no2.  2003   Runic inscription. 2002  End of the road. 2002  Calligraphy. 2001 About beauty no 2. 2001  About beauty.           2001  Land jewels. 2001 Truth.
Group Projects and Residence programs outside Sweden
2013Arts in Residence by Yatoo-i project, South Korea .2006-2004 Nature Art Encounters in Greece – Art o Nivo: Belgium
Exhibitions outside Sweden: 2014  Woman Art Ritual Mother, Primo Piano Livingallery, Lecce Italy. 2013 “International Nature Art Exhibition by Invited Artists” Yatoo-i project. 2:nd YATOO international project Nature Art Exhibition in Rumania.  2012  -2011  Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Yatoo-i project, South Korea. 2010  Artcamp 2010 Gallery Xanadur, Ulaan Baatur, Mongolia. 2007  Plato’s city magnesia 2 brugs and roselare, Belgium.  2007   Video Choice no 3  Detroit Film festival U.S.A.  2007  Video Choice no 3  After Urban, New York. 2007  Video Choice no 3  After Urban, Italy.  2007  Video Choice no 3  L.A.N. (network) Great Britain .   2007  Video Choice no 3  Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale, South Korea. 2006-05 Plato’s city magnesia 1 Belgium.                                                    
Seminars:2013  International Nature Art Curators Conference at Gongju, South Korea. 2011   “Outdoors is Indoor”, Scandinavian outdoor education congress in Malmö. 2009  Lectures and seminar for teacher in gradual school financed by Kultur i Väst. 2009   “Outdoors is Indoor”, Scandinavian outdoor education congress in Norrköping. 2008  Lectures and seminar for garden designer for “Park och Natur” in Gothenbourg 2008   Lectures and seminar for artists in Kristiansand, Norway. 2007  Lectures and seminar for artists finances by Kultur i Väst2006  Scientific project on architecture and Land art financed by Gothenburg . 2006   Lectures and seminar for artist students at Vasteras University2004   Lectures and seminar for artists financed by Region Halland.
Publications in Sweden2010  Art pedagogy in schools, Dep. of Didactic Science, University of Stockholm .  2008  Ancient places and cultural heritage, Dep. of Archaeology, University of Gothenburg.  2007  Art in the landscape, report for Swedish national heritage board.  2006  Multicultural meetings, Dep. of Archaeology, financed by University of Gothenburg.
Publications outside Sweden: 2012  2:nd YATOO international project Nature Art Exhibition in Rumania. 2011   1:st Yatoo-i project, Geum Gang Nature Art biennale, South Korea .                                      
Professional Affiliations: KRO (Swedish National Art Organization), Korean Nature Artists' Association-YATOO, AiNIN (Arts in Nature International Network) and Landscape and Arts network UK.